Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My favorite time of the year

I went for a scope and biopsy of my stomach yesterday. It will take about a week for the biopsy results to get back. Otherwise, the doc just saw an inflamed stomach, or lining. He was in a big hurry and I was groggy so I'm not exactly sure. He now wants me to get a CAT scan. I don't want to. I've already spent too much money as it is. I think I'll just take yet another medication I was given and see how that goes. This is getting old and really getting me down.

This has been the summer of the couch and bed and TV. It has been hard for me to stay positive and up this last couple of weeks. It seems as though I lied on my last post. I want to be at peace and hopeful, so I tell myself I am, you know, the ole' "fake it till you make it'. I am trying really hard to fake it. Maybe then I'll make it. Too many pressures of life it seems and I can't do anything about any of them. Too many worries.

Curtis is in a community play that keeps him busy. And of course being with friends as well. Ron is busy with work and having a lot of fun training everyday for a triathlon. He got to swim the course in Daybreak this morning and loved it! It brought me back to the days when I would come home high as a kite after a great run. I'm glad Ron and Curtis are busy and happy with their own lives right now. I'm glad they aren't home much, as I hate having them see me like this.

l'll be glad when this summer is over. It isn't what I expected but I hope in looking back, it will have been one of much personal growth. Right now it is just about endurance. I'm pretty good at enduring. As a good friend and neighbor said, Just pretend you are in the last 6 miles of the marathon. I agree. Maybe hitting the wall as well. I've hit the wall, now it's time to keep running through it.

Fall has always been my favorite time of the year anyway.

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  1. Sissy!! Is is really you?! I recently found the link to your blog on Kaiti's blog site. I've read all your entries and am bawling. I miss you! Please contact me at - I can't seem to find your phone number. We need to get together! Love ya! ~Lori