Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Two little people

Can two little people really make that much difference in a person's life? Yes. And they do. My two little people spent the last two weeks with us. Tolman and Addi, my grand kiddos. We did so many fun things together. We went to the Aquarium. We spent 3 hours there. I love being on kids time doing whatever they want to do. No hurrying them along. "Yep, we can go sit in the boat. Sure we can see the stingrays again. Let's see if the penguins are swimming yet. Of course we can look around in the gift shop but I don't know if we can buy anything. OK, you can." We went on walks up by the lake. "I think that is too far for you to walk Tolman. You might get tired." "No I won't gram. And I can push Addi the whole way too." "OK. You can try." I was thinking I would have to go again because I wouldn't be getting the exercise I wanted. WRONG! Tolman did stay with me while pushing Addi nearly the whole way! He had to give me a breather or two even. We got gelato on another walk. We played at the park. We read stories. We made up names for all the different cats in the cat book. I wish I could remember some of those names. We were laughing and laughing. We had sleep-overs in my big bed. The kids were supposed to be sleeping but we were too busy laughing and tickling backs and legs and bellies.and toes. There's plenty of time for sleep but not near enough time for laughing! Tolman read stories to me and Addi. He is such an amazing reader! Really! He's in kindergarten and reading I'm guessing on about a 4th grade level, or higher. He can sound out about any word. Yes, my grandchildren are brilliant! Addi and I talked about all things princess. Princess jewelry, dresses, shoes, make-up, fingernail polish. Addi chose some beautiful plastic Little Mermaid jewelry. The earrings would fall off with the slightest move of the head so I told her to move very, very carefully. She walked around like a statue whenever she had them on for fear of losing her very priceless jewels. We talked and talked and talked and talked. They got so many hugs and kisses and they didn't even run away from me or say "ENOUGH GRAM!" They would even hug and kiss me back. My two little best friends went back to Minnesota yesterday. The house is so empty and quiet. It makes me sad. It takes me several days to adjust to the stillness. I can't go in their rooms. Not yet. It makes me too sad. How I love Tolman and Addi Belle. I love how I am when I'm with them. They show me the magic in every day. They show me wonder in the ordinary. They teach me what true unconditional love is. They show me the pure love of Christ. It's no wonder the Savior told us to be like them.