Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bodies Are Amazing!

I have been watching Wimbledon. I love watching tennis! I have always thought tennis players are some of the best in-shape athletes of all! They sprint around the court, start and stop on a dime with such control, they have to be so strong to hit the ball as hard as they do, and the muscle control for the stretching, etc. I have been to the US Open twice. When I was young, my family belonged to the SL Swimming and Tennis Club. There were many tournaments there that I loved going to. My family even had players stay with us. I saw Martina Navratilova and many other greats up close. I loved playing the game as well. I was pretty good for a recreational player.

It's as if someone is trying to send me a message. I also saw an 83 yr old woman slalom water skiing on a commercial. Then on Oprah there were some elderly people in great shape! Some had the cardio. of a 20 yr old! Amazing!, from great eating and exercising and I'm sure there has to be great genetics as well. On the other hand, a 4 yr old who weighed 155 lbs,! His mom weighed around 350. They were on Dr Phil. ( I know what you're thinking...way too much TV! I agree!) This mom knew there was something wrong with her son and that his weight had nothing to do with how she was feeding him and his lack of exercise. There was no convincing her that she could be responsible for her son's obesity. (HATE that word. It sounds so..BIG) To make a long story short, after the show, the boy was taken away by the state and given to the dad. When he was taken, the boy weighed close to 190! 4 yrs old! One year later the boy came to the show again, less more than 100 lbs! He was SOOOO happy and he said his favorite food was broccoli. I hope he doesn't go back to his mom anytime soon.

I am soooo excited to know that I can undo years of abuse. Not just pills, but over-eating and being addicted to sugar as well. Also my utter lack of being physical. I don't know where I lost that. I have loved being active my whole life. Even when Ron was so very sick and I was working a ton, I always found time to run or go to the gym, or whatever. I think that is what saved me from really going off the deep end!

I live in a neighborhood where the majority of people are very active. (For example, I was on my front porch. A little boy was riding his bike. Another little boy yelled from his porch, "Can you play?" The boy on the bike answered, "No. I'm in training." I chuckled.) It has been inspiring to witness. More than anything, it has been a joy to watch Ron get into all this. He is actually training for a triathlon in Sept.! I never thought I'd see that day!

Our bodies are miraculous! I am going to start TODAY to thank the good Lord above for the body I have been blessed with. I am going to start treating it with the respect it deserves. I have a feeling this will make the biggest difference of all!

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