Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Am...

not wanting another cornea transplant
grateful for corneal transplants
mad my beautiful purple planter just up and died
so proud of all my children
in love with my very patient hubby
sick of being sick
wondering if I'll ever feel normal again
wanting to have the energy to live a normal day
grateful for another day of making it
nervous for Curtis' pathology report
in love with the cutest grand babies in the world
wanting my music
staying away from flower stores
mad I have wasted so much money on junk
getting rid of that junk
wishing I were organized like Jami
mad I got myself into this mess
happy I am digging myself out
so grateful for prayer
happy I have my parents with me still

All over the place!


  1. You forgot the most important one...
    You are WORLDS BEST MOM!

  2. You are awesome... and you give me way too much credit. I am organized- but I've realized that it is a full time job. Is it really worth it?

  3. And you ARE the WORLD'S BEST MOM!