Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm So Proud!

Ron came walking in the house after work yesterday and said rather sarcastically, "I've never been more proud!" He had something in his hand, When asking him why, he gave me a letter and a certificate from good ole' Daybreak whomever, that said we had been nominated for Yard of the Month. Just nominated, not elected. Oh what joy! What pride! What accomplishment! All my gardening dreams had come true with this one, well two, pieces of paper! There is nothing left on my gardening "bucket list" to accomplish now. The water feature I want, the pergola I want, the big backyard shade tree I want, the awning over the back porch I want, the hanging porch swing I want, the fire pit I want, all just so I can win yard of the month, I don't need anymore. I have been nominated! Now, what to do with the certificate of accomplishment. It is so official looking. Do I put it on the refrigerator? Do I frame it and hang it on the wall? Do I put it in my notes of "What to read at mom's funeral" in case the kids can't think of anything? Do I blow it up, make a banner out of it and fly it from my home instead of a flag?

Just so you know, gardening is my other addiction. Any money I can get my hands on goes to flowers. If there is ANY dirt showing, I need more flowers. If I walk by someone elses garden and they have a flower that I like, I want to sneak in the middle of the night and dig it up, steal it if you will. If I walk by a park that has something I like, you guessed it, I again. want to steal it. When I walk into a nursery a sensation that I can't control floods over and through me. I can't control myself. Before I know it, there are hundreds of dollars of flowers, shrubs, bushes, anything, that suddenly appear in my cart!

My corner neighbor actually was nominated and WON yard of the month. They got a sign that told the world that they had won. I bet they got a certificate as well!

I just couldn't take it anymore. The sign showed up in my yard for a few days. What! I didn't put it there!

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  1. Shar- I am so happy I found your blog. I love reading about your experiences. Thank you for sharing them and good luck in your recovery, we are thinking of you and love you!