Thursday, July 9, 2009


I started getting sooo sick on Tues. afternoon. By last evening I felt horrible! What is going on! I called a rehab place and asked if I should be that sick after 4+ weeks. The answer was no. Something else must be going on. Long story short.. I talked to Dr. Dave, my very smart and adorable son in law. He said I should go to the ER. but make sure I was up front with them, as they give out narcotics pretty handily. Don't worry. I haven't gone this far to blow it now! So off we went. Basically, I have some crazy virus going on along with ulcers most likely (looking back, this same thing happened after rehab years ago). So back on the prednisone...Yuck! Come to find out, the doc who put me on it last week prescribed it not quite right. You can't just stop that medicine. You have to taper or it can cause all sorts of problems. So that was happening as well. The prednisone is treating the crazy symptoms of this virus, the joint stuff. Got something for the ulcers and for the nausea that has not been letting up. So... I think I am FINALLY on the road to wellness! Lots hope so. FREAK!

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