Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The work begins..

Monday was quite a day. Jami called and reminded me that all the Nelson girl cousins were going to Ruth's diner, my favorite place, to celebrate Abbey and Summer's b-days. I decided to go and I am so glad I did. It's been too long since we have gotten together. I then met Ron at Kent and Pams so that Ron and Kent could give Mindy a blessing. She was going in for major back surgery the next day. Ron and I raced home to go to a movie. It was our 32nd wedding anniversary. On our way, we got a call from our bishop telling us that our dear and darling friend and neighbor, Chantel, had been life-flighted to the U of U. She woke up not feeling well, but to make a long story short, she started seizing caused by bleeding on the brain. She had just given birth to their 3rd baby a few days earlier. Ron and I ran up to the hospital where there were several other ward members. We spent several hours trying to find out the diagnosis.

There is a ward fast for the Fawsons going on right now. I believe that miracles have already taken place. I know the power that comes from unified prayers and fasting through the faith of many. I love you Chantel. Blahbity blah...! (Chantel went to St George with me on my B day. She loves that phrase!)

As I was laying in bed that night with an exhausted body, my mind said, no sleeping for you tonight..too many things to think about, figure out maybe. It kept kept going to my adorable niece. She has struggled with addiction for years and things are not going too well. I asked her point blank. I'm so worried for her and I wish I could do something. I wish someone could. But we all know the answer and help is only in one place, within.

My fasting and prayers are for so many. Of course for dear Chantel and the whole Fawson family. For Mindy that her back will become whole. For my sweet niece. For my nephew Ryan, who just had his 4th baby. I'm sure he is missing his mom, my sister right now, and wishing that she could be here to help. She died of a blood clot that went to her lungs, 5 years ago on the 9th. Maybe even for me right now as well. I haven't done anything for so long that I don't know where or when to start. I'm feeling a bit lost. What to do. I also have to realize that my body is recovering from surgery still. I need to keep taking it easy for awhile longer.

My days were all defined for me. Not anymore. I was so hopeful and up a few days ago. It seemed like the world was mine, I could do anything. I'll be there again. Oh the difference a good night's sleep and a new day makes!

All in all I am doing good. (Refer to last post) There will always be hard times and down days. Now the work begins.

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  1. Faith and prayer are miracle workers, but so is hard work. You do what you can and Heavenly Father will make up the difference. You're doing great. You've been doing the work, just keep it up.
    There are a lot of people struggling and it flat out SUCKS, but it will all be okay. They are all strong people.
    In the grand scheme of things, life is good and is a blessing in of itself.
    BE HAPPY (and keep taking your anti-depressants... they are also miracle workers)!