Saturday, August 8, 2009

So Happy, and on my way! Wha Whoooo!

Here I am, so happy, really. And it feels so good. So good in fact, that I got out of bed around 5:30 and did way too much. Curtis has play practice all day so I made he and Ron a lunch, finished a long overdue thank you to the magical Kelly D. for helping us with some music, went out and weeded the garden, (just a few) and then took a nap. Then I decided to tackle Curtis' room. It not only needs tackling, but a whole freakin football team to get it in shape. (Wait, I would imagine football teams are pretty dirty and stinky!)

You know how one thing leads to another, well that's kind of what happened. And now I fear I am paying the price. But, it feels so great to not have that horrible whatever pain it was! I have the surgical pain, but only when I move. (oops! little too much moving) To show you how great my family is, last night I dropped a popsicle and could not bend over to pick it up. Me. Curits, will you pick up the popsicle for me? Curtis. Why don't you do it? Me. Because I can't. Curt. Why lazy! Me. It hurts my belly to bend over. C. Then get down on your knees! Oh such love in our family! Curt and I burst out laughing and that hurt my belly more! Last night we laid in bed, Curt and I, and he had me laughing so hard I thought I might do some major damage, but oh how much fun!

Family. How I love my family. Ron has continued to put up with a very onry wife, especially the last few weeks. I have really been on edge, I think mostly depressed. I haven't liked me too well, mostly. And then there are my kids. I already told you all the great things Curtis does. Jami came over and did her magic in my bedroom and bathroom. She washed my sheets and dusted, vacuumed..just made a great and CLEAN sanctuary that I can veg in for awhile. Jess, Chels, and Nils were all calling for updates and sending lots of prayers and love. Nils instigated a family fast for all those that could. He is such a spiritual rock for the family.

Then my mom and dad. I was at their home one week ago. I was laying on the back lawn while my 82 year old mom was working in the yard. Her back door neighbor noticed she needed some help. He came right over and took care of the chores. Feeling really stupid that the neighbor was thinking my mom had a pretty worthless, lazy daughter, I piped up and told him of the problems I was having. He is ahead of Primary Children's Med. Center. Anyway he said, I'll bet you 90% it is your gall bladder. I told him that I had had every test in the book but not one for that. Because of him and the great diagnostician he is, and being at my mom's that day, I believe I am finally going to be well. And I don't believe it just happened. Dr. Clark just "happened" to have that week off.

My 82 and 85 year old parents brought dinner out last night. How I love them. I have said over and over again how much I love them. You never get too old to not need your parents. I have never known anyone with the honor and integrity of my father. My mother is truly an angel who gets more and more angelic each day she takes a breath. It has hurt them so, to see their baby daughter suffering and feeling so helpless. I know how that feels.

I am so overwhelmed with the love, prayers, blessings, fasting, and everything else that has been done in my behalf. I am a very blessed woman to have the friends, neighbors, and family that I do. Thank you all. I am going to be running by the end of the summer! (K, maybe only a jog!)


  1. Shar, It's a joy to see that you are well and happy. Keep going!
    I pray for you always
    love you

  2. O- and you forgot to add, "doing Jami's dinner dishes" to the list of things you SHOULDN'T have done today. I turned your room into a little sanctuary for a reason. owell. Shar will be Shar. Thanks again for that.

  3. I am so happy for you. Take care of yourself so the progress continues. It is sooo easy to overdue when you feel better, but surgery is surgery.

    We send our love.