Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ramblings of 9th grade...Go Hornets!

Curtis starts 9th grade today. Can he really be that old?

I loved 9th grade. I remember Mr. Beards English class. Everyone dreaded Mr Beard as he was known to be really hard. He thought I was cute, so he liked me. So did Corey. If Corey could chase me around the room for 2 minutes and kiss me, he wouldn't have to take the dreaded Mythology test. If he couldn't catch me, I would get an A. He didn't catch me. I can't remember what Miss Hayes taught but she was a great teacher. She is Mrs. Hewlett now. She is also the g-ma of one of my neighbors. Small world. I stopped eating for awhile as I thought I was fat. I wasn't. We had early morning seminary back then. It wasn't released time. Poor Miss Gledhill. She was a horrible teacher but so fun to have if Kate was in the class as well. She would try to send Kate to the principals office. Kate would refuse to go. Miss Gledhill would try and drag her down but couldn't budge Kate. How we laughed. Poor Miss Gledhill. Poor any teacher that Kate didn't like but what a treat for the rest of us! Miss Mcbride had a train with candy in it. If the train stopped by your desk you got to take a piece. What did that have to do with learning how to type? Maybe that's why I never learned. I wore a light blue dress to graduation. Ms. Davis was my gym teacher. I even think she went by Ms. back then. She was a jock and so was I so she liked me. One Saturday I organized a group of about 15 boys and girls to ride our 10 speeds to the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon and back home again. Our bikes weighed as much as we did back then. Only Kate and I made it the whole way. The rolls and gravy! Hillside Jr. had the best rolls that melted in your mouth always hot from the oven. The cinnamon rolls as well. I didn't eat them very much. I would bring a thermos of some diet something usually. I was always on a diet. Stupid. And then there was Mrs. Schultz. She wore those really thick, black orthodic looking shoes. She seemed so old. I wonder if I am older now, than she was then. I hope not. She was the girls glee teacher. I loved glee. I was the accompanist. She liked that I could sight read and play whatever she wanted to teach the class. Why was it called glee and not choir? Hum. Mrs. Ray was my Home ec. teacher. She taught us about puberty and pimples. In Home ec? It seemed to fit together back then. She had one of those sicky sweet feminine voices that sounded like nails on a blackboard, but so fun to imitate. I remember when the Highland High Madrigals came and performed for an assembly. The boy ringing the bells for "Ring Bell" was really cute. I ended up marrying that cute boy. Who knew!

Yep, I loved 9th grade. I hope Curtis does too.


  1. This is some top-notch writing Shar. Keep going.

  2. What did Mrs. Ray cook for Curtis' "first day" breakfast this morning?... I hope you do that for him. We used to LOVE it!
    9th grade was my FAVORITE year FOR SURE! Long live GDI!