Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The phone call

I got a call from the doc today. It went something like this: Hello. Hello. Is this Sharon? Yes it is. We got the results from your tests Your ANA test was high which means you have an auto immune disease The Doctor wants to start you on Methotrexate 4 pills once a week Do you take vitamins Could you hold for a minute The doc is also going to have you take a perscription of folic acid What pharmacy do you use Do you have the phone number You also need to go in for more tests I have worked for Dr Walker for 3 years and I am not familiar with these tests but I'll ask him what he is looking for We need to see you in 3 weeks.

I didn't hear much of what she just said. ANA. Auto immune disease. Methotrexate. 4 pills once a week. More tests. I asked her if she would mind repeating what she just said. She did. I thought I listened. I asked her for a third time to please clarify what she had just said 2 previous times. Her nice voice had a little edge to it now. I don't blame her. She had a job to do. More victims to call.

I had so many questions. Why more tests? What is he looking for now? Folic acid? Prescription? I didn't know folic acid came in a prescription. What about rheumatoid arthritis? Lupus? Scleroderma? What? What about my elbow that won't bend enough to let my right hand reach my mouth to eat? or brush my teeth? or take off an earring? or necklace? That just started yesterday. Just double up on your prednisone. Can I take the prednisone with the methotrxate? It's just fine. Fine for who? What about long term? I'll get back to you on the tests. Come to the lab on the 3rd floor. I am from South Jordan. Can I get them in Salt Lake? Go to IMC, the Eccles building. I faxed the order in. It may take up to 2 weeks to get the results. He is looking for Lupus. Does that rule out scleroderma? I don't know what that answer is. I hope and pray they aren't looking for that, or that it was ruled out. It is bad. Deadly bad.

The great thing about being down is that there is only one way to go. Up.


  1. Oh Dear Shar! I hope you don't have a terrible disease. and I hope you hey an answer to all these questions soon. Come on doctor!

  2. Sissy! I need to talk to you! There is a woman that works for me that was also recently diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and has gone through the same issues over the past few months. She has learned a ton! I am going to pick her brain for info and can also put you in touch with her if you want. I am going to call you tonight. I know it is all SO overwhelming right now. Don't get down! DON'T DON'T DON'T!!

  3. Shar, I am thinking and praying for you! Love you! Jules