Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I would like to comment on my appointment with my rheumatologist yesterday. I would like to tell everyone my experience with the lab tech, as she was such a dork. Instead, I am going to get positive and write about something much more important, my weekend of cheering for Jessica and Ron as they competed in their first triathlon, having my g-babies stay over night, and my sleep-over with Jami and her doll babies at the Zermatt in Midway.

Ron and Jess have trained for many months, swimming, biking, and running. They both are inspirations, as they worked and worked and worked to achieve this goal. overcoming many obstacles and set backs, but never, ever giving up! Way to go you two!

Jami and Dave got to go on a much needed and deserved get-away to the Zermatt in Midway, Utah. Ron and I used to do that all the time, and they were great! And, I got to have Tolman and Addison. Sunday after church, I couldn't find Addi's bink anywhere. I was exhausted and finally plopped on my bed and said, "Addi, I can't find your binki anywhere and I'm too tired to look any more." She burst into song singing, "Don't stop. Just keep on trying. Don't every give up." I laughed and laughed, but still didn't get up to keep looking! (PS. I finally found the bink stuffed in the bottom of her pillow case) This little 2 1/2 year old is so dang funny! She has such an adorable, quirky personality.

I drove the kiddos up to meet Jami and spend Sunday night with her, as Dave had to be back to work early Monday morning. I can't explain how great it was on all levels. Ron's father bought a little home on main street Midway about 40 years ago. They worked and worked on that little home for years and years, renovating and restoring it until it became a little piece of heaven, where I would often escape to with or without friends. I fell in love with Midway! I wish I had the talent of writing so I could describe the beauty, and the feelings of my heart when I entered Heber Valley. But I don't, so I will just say that any worries, anxieties, fears, or insecurities, all but disappeared whenever I would go, and I went often.

I loved driving Tol and Addi by the historical home on main street. I loved telling them about the birthday parties their mommy had with all her friends. About the big back-seat -of -a -car swing the neighbors had. Tol wanted to go see it, and possibly swing on it as well, just like his mom did when she was his age. I drove by the Timp Freeze and told them of the great soft-serve sherbet cones they had, with little plastic monkeys, and other animals, that they would put on top. I wanted to drive the 12 mile route where I took Curtis on a walk when he was 5 months old. He and I stayed there for a whole week! I ran my very first race, a 10K at Swiss Days, probably 25 years ago. Midway introduced me to my love of running. I wanted to jump out of the car and run it again. When Ron and I were dating, we would make a picnic, get a blanket, and go eat it by the river. I think we made out some as well. No, actually, I know we did! I don't know. Maybe we read scriptures. Yeah. That's what we did, I'm sure. Fun times!

Ron's 3 brothers bought the home from their dad and his partner, many years ago. We were not able to, as we were not in a financial position to do so. I never went again. My heart ached as I tucked my little sanctuary deep into the place where sacred memories reside.

The Zermatt is an A #1 classy resort. Many of the restaurants have won Best of State, and the food was delicious! But more delicious than the food, was being with Jami and her children. My heart was filled with joy as I watched my baby mother her babies! I loved watching the children pull the shades up and down, playing in the jet-tube yelling, "Gram! Come and watch me!", going out on the deck with heart shaped cut-outs in the wood railing to look at the little goats on the hillside, and the beautiful flowers in the window boxes, riding on the carousel, and purchasing milk-bone dog biscuits to feed the little goats.

After checking out, we played miniature golf. It was Tolman's first time. He got the hang of it and had a great time. Addi did her own thing with the ball and club. She loved holding the putter upside down, and putting with the handle. After the golf, we bought some yummy gelato to enjoy. Addi got the pink flavor. She loves anything pink and princess!

It was time to go home, as I as meeting Ron down town, as he was going to Logan with me, to my doctor's appointment.

I'm going to end this here, as I will get to the visit with the doctor later. Thank you Jami, for letting me experience the joy of memories from the past, and memories made for the future. I love you so much.


  1. Such a sweet sentimental post! It is nice to hear things from a "grandmas" perspective. They are all very lucky to have you!

  2. My little munchkins had a GREAT time with you- as did I. Thanks so much for a fabulous weekend! XOXO