Friday, September 25, 2009

I hope and I pray

Ron, Jess, and Curt are running a 5K tomorrow. It is fun listening to them talk about the event. There are races every weekend. That is what I used to do. Connie and I would look at the race calender and plan our Saturday's around those races. We loved it! Even if we didn't, we did. My dream was to run a race preferably a marathon, with my children. Now they are all running and I am sitting on the sideline. I don't like my new spot as a spectator.

Last Thanksgiving, my dream came true. My whole family, including Ron and I, got up early, and ran a 5K! It was perfect! I was in heaven! Why do I love that so much? I felt good as well. I was still on pain pills, and the thought is that they were masking symptoms of this disease.

I've had a really tough week. I try to be strong and not let on too much how I'm really feeling. I'm scared, as I feel my body being ravaged. The methotrexate really kicked my butt! I am trying to figure what days would be best to be sick and plan the dosage accordingly. I think I will try Sunday night so I can be OK by mid week. I will make sure I don't run out of the prednisone again.

I hope and pray that the meds hurry and do what they are supposed to do. I hope and pray that this unwelcome intruder will hurry into a remission. I have a race to get ready for this Thanksgiving!


  1. You will be there...You will be meeting me at the finish line after whipping up on me! That will be great!

  2. I'll be there too! We'll do it together. I'm sure there will be many others to help cheer you on!