Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Want and Want and Want and...Wanted...

There are always lessons to be learned through tough things. Last night as I was busy doing nothing laying on the couch, I started thinking of things I wanted. Then I thought of the things that I wanted before the things I want now. I want...ed
To paint some cool colors (not as in cool tones, but COOL)in my room and bathroom and maybe Curtis' room, maybe all over; to travel, go see the world, see how other people live out of Pleasantville; get furniture that matches in our office and furniture for the guest bedroom downstairs; have a pergola in my backyard; get a big shade tree, or all the money to buy whatever kind of anything for the yard; get a grand piano, (that should have been #1!); be skinny and along with that let's throw in a tummy tuck!;...funny, I can't think of all the things I used to want but the list was pretty long back in the day.

Oh how things have changed. All I want is what I have. I have an incredible family who are all champs! Especially my very sweet and kind Ron. We have been through alot together and will continue to, for such is the nature of life. He has been so patient. He comes home after working soooo many hours and finds me pretty much where he left me, on the couch or in bed. And he always asks how my day/night went. Then he'll ask if I need anything. He'll run to the store and get me Dreyers lime popsicles since they are about the only thing that sound good. He'll rub my back and sit with me. I have always loved having Ron read to me. He has a great voice and I love to hear it.

When anyone gets married, it's just a given that it is for better or worse. But when you're young and don't know any better, you don't think there will be a worse. There have been alot of "worse", or tough times. I am very lucky to have gotten the man that I did, for he has put up with a lot of "worse". Thank you my sweetheart.

All I want now is one more day pill-free. And I'm going to get that. Oh yeah...I still want the skinny body and the grand piano!


  1. This might be my very favorite post of all!!
    My parents are worlds best!

  2. That comment above is from me...oops.

    Love you, mom!

  3. Thank You Back! If you keep on the popsicle diet you will get your wish. The piano...keep the faith! One day it just might show up!

    You are the best - Hang In - Another day! Great for you! Love and all that other stuff!

  4. Like I always say, I know you adore each other. Ha. Let the good times roll.

  5. Have you had a Pace lime popsicle? Heaven. If you haven't, I will bring you one. Funny thing, you could probably market a popsicle diet and make a load of money. Then you can buy the things you really don't need. ;)

  6. nope haven't had one. Where do I/Ron get them? And I'll split the money I make from my new diet with you. Details to come!