Monday, October 26, 2009

Less stuff, more life

I watched a fascinating show where Oprah went to different parts of the world to see how other people live. The most fascinating to me was Copenhagen Denmark. They are supposedly the happiest people on earth. One of the couples interviewed had 3 children, a pair of twins, and then one other child. Upon asking where the twins were, she was told they were out in the court, (sidewalk in our terms) taking a nap. Oprah was flaberghasted, as was I, that parents can leave their children unattended and not fear for the craziness that happens in the states. They are taxed 15% which got into the health issues of the country. None of them had ever seen any homeless people, and there is not much difference in the classes. People choose a profession based on their talents and interests, not on what a paycheck would be. Most of employees are out the door by 4 pm, 5 at the latest, to spend time with their families. They are not a religious people in the traditional sense. Only one of the women interviewed believed in a God. They don't believe in marriage so much, it is "just a piece of paper".

Their lives are very simple. And the most interesting to me was how small, tiny really, their living quarters are, but very nice. One of the women had a shower as part of the sitting area, or in our terms, living room. It had clear glass doors! I envisioned me living there taking a shower. I am still having nightmares! The decor was functional, and that was it. Their refrigerators were small as well, as part of the daily routine is going to the market, thus, their diets are very healthy and fresh. When Oprah commented on the simplicity of their homes, the reply was "less stuff, more life". I loved that! Except that I looked at everything I am surrounded by and felt suffocated by all my needless junk!

It is past time to do some serious shoveling out. I need to surround myself in simplicity. Too much stuff.

I loved seeing how others live around the world. I am grateful for the country I live in but also believe that there is much to be learned from others around the world.

I think I'll go clean out closets or maybe unpack some boxes that have been sitting downstairs since we moved. Come on. I know you have some too! Oh stuff it! I'm going back to bed.

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  1. Shar- I have been feeling the same way lately... like there is just too much clutter in my life, too much excess. And yes, I have one too many of those boxes that have been hanging around for 4 years now. Ugh! Here's to simplicity!