Thursday, October 22, 2009


Ron and I were talking this morning of one of the symptoms associated with MCTD. (See #3) There are many, some more serious than others. I have listed some of them in earlier posts but I thought I should list some of the MOST serious, just for awareness and maybe some understanding.

Here goes:
Naught remembering how to spell, i.e. brane kramps.
Very important naught to EVER diet again!
New meaning to the frase, " Not this month dear. I have a headache." (#3)

Severe allergic reactions to many things such as:
Making dinner or any cooking period.
Organizing closets. Actually anything for that matter.
Believe it or not, shopping! (Ron thought he'd NEVER see the day)
Cleaning out kitchen cupboards.
Mopping floors.

Also, there are many things proven to make the disease go into remission.
Make sure to eat as much chocolate as possible.
Have music playing loudly all the time.
It is very important that Ron, Curtis and I go out to dinner lots.
Travel is proven to slow down the progression, especially, well, anywhere an airplane is involved.
Doing whatever I want to do every single day.
Eating whatever I want every single day.
Getting a dog. (Really Ron. I KNOW I read that somewhere)
Make sure to keep on top of "Days of Our Lives". I mean, what is Nicole going to do? And when is Sami going to find out the truth about her baby she thought had died that Nicole adopted and everyone just found out is Mia's,(but really isn't) and Chad wants now that he just found out he's the dad?! And I thought I had it rough!

This is just to name a few. I'm sure I will think, I mean, find out about others as time goes on.

Seriously. What?!


  1. I really hope this disease is genetic.

  2. Thank goodness someone else watches Days besides me. Sometimes I feel like a leper when I try to discuss it with other people. Love you Shar! Sounds like you are trying to make the best out of a really crappy situation. And you should get a dog. Just a little one that will snuggle up when you are having a bad day.

  3. I think you should also try visualizing a perfect, healthy body. And to help with your visualization techniques we could scrounge up some old Karl Malone posters (a perfect, healthy body) to hang up in various places throughout your home - because you never know where you are going to be when you have a relapse. I think that would be very healing.