Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In the arms of angels

As this horrible news is unfolding of the little Powell boys, my heart is so deeply troubled, saddened, sickened, etc; there are not enough adjectives to describe how we all feel I'm sure. They were exactly Tolman and Addi's age, 7 and 5. I love Tol and Addi with more than my heart can hold. I love Jami, Jessica, Chelsea, Nils and Curtis with that same heart. And Ron. How much love can one heart hold? I often wonder how God can love me as much as He does when there are so many to love, and so many with HUGE problems. But then I see how many my mere mortal heart loves and I start to understand, just a little.

My heart is so heavy for the parents and grandparents of Susan and these angel babies. I've prayed for them and will continue to, and all the other family, friends and neighbors who knew them intimately.

I am forever grateful to my faith in the fact that they were taken in the arms of their loving angel mother, and Brother, our Savior Jesus Christ in their time of terrific horribleness. I'm sure they were not left alone. I'm sure there were angels "round about them to bare them up".

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