Friday, August 27, 2010


I've never been a fan of change. Think about it. Change a diaper. Yuck. Change a bad habit to good. Hard. Change at the grocery store. Pennies. They are useless. I vacuum them up. It takes too much time trying to dig them out of the carpet. Nickels and dimes? About the same. Quarters. Now they are worth the effort. They are actually useful. Changing clothes. Usually because I don't like what I'm wearing. Or it doesn't like me.

There are all kinds of change. I just drove with Jami and the kiddos to Minnesota for their next big adventure. Change in all that is comforable, in all that is safe. The drive was beautiful. I loved seeing a different part of the country, a change from what I have ever seen. I loved seeing Mt. Rushmore. I was filled with such a great love of our nation. I loved seeing the rolling acres and acres of farmland and felt grateful for the food that magically appears in the grocery stores.

And I loved seeing the Lamborn's new place of residence. Their home is very lovely, and spacious, a change from what they've been used to. The view from their back window is spectacular. No mountains for a change. But fields of greenery and towering pines. Tol and I went exploring in them yesterday. I am so excited for Jami and somewhat envious that they have this opportunity. I know there will be times when it will be hard. For all of us.

I know change is good. And I need to embrace it. It's about time, wouldn't you say? I'm trying, as my life has done a 180. I'm doing pretty well for the most part, but at times I feel sorry for myself and wish I was healthy so I could do what I have always loved doing....being active. With that being said, I am a fighter.

My prayers are with my children, especially Jami right now, that they will learn how great and exciting change can be.


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