Monday, May 17, 2010

Organio or Pianorgan...Whatever!

Those of you who are pianists will fill my pain. Yesterday I was asked to play that, whatever it is, in Relief Society. (I was so happy to feel like I was contributing in some very small way.) So I sit down and start to play. No sound. Oh yeah. I have to turn it on first. Who turns on a piano! Where is that power switch? I am not accustomed to turning on my piano. Then some horrible ghastly sound comes out. Freak! What have I done? I know. I have ruined any kind of reverence that may have been there. And all the notes were correct. It was too loud and just plain ugly! You would think I could play softer and the organio would respond respectively. But no. Now what do I do? There must be some kind of volume control on this thing. Oh good. There it is. I think I will slide the notch to the third bar. Too soft. OK the fifth. Too loud. The fourth. Not loud enough but it will have to do. Then the prelude begins. YUCK! is all can hear. Even when played perfectly.

Maybe that's the problem....It's all too perfect. Or all the same. There is no "music" in this kind of music. I would say instrument, but it makes me cringe to call it an instrument.

What would Beethoven or Mozart or any of the masters think of this thing? I don't think pianos or organs like it too well either. I bet it's very confusing to the organio. I mean, what would you call it? Musexual or organiosexual? Yeah, that's what I would call it, organiosexual.

No wonder it has a horrible sound. It is confused and frustrated. It needs to come out of the musical closet.

Actually, it needs to go back in the closet never to be heard from again.


  1. LOL! It sounded as good as it could sound, I suppose. Poor orgiano. It will never have a (good)place in this world...

  2. You def get an LOL (even capitalized)for this one.

  3. Oh, I didn't even notice. I just loved that fact that you were there playing. Really. And did I tell you how good you look? You look so good, so healthy and good and smiley. I loved it.

  4. That is so funny! I have a couple of friends in my ward that have to play that "instrument" and they think it is a piece of ____ too! Good to hear you are doing well!


  5. too funny. i've vowed to never learn the organ. are you proud? :) wish me luck with my recital next week. one tay two tay.