Thursday, February 11, 2010

What's in a name

I never liked reading as a kid. In fact I didn't like much of anything that had to do with sitting still. Except for playing the piano. Somehow I could do that for hours and hours. I would have been in big trouble had it not been for cliff notes. I was the kid who organized neighborhood softball games in the field, or sneak onto the nun's tennis courts in our backyard. I loved my 10 speed bike.....anything that had to do with being outside.

Many years ago, I discovered the great adventure books take you on. And now I love to read. Mostly historical. Yep, I love history. I love learning new words. I love learning.

With that being said, there are some words I just plain hate. Like hate. It is sharp and mean. Whimsical. What a great word. It is just as it sounds. And then obese. What a crappy word. it never even makes it out of your mouth. It just sits there until it's swallowed and left to rot with last nights prime rib dinner. Yuck! Another part of a word that does not mean good things is a doctor who ends in "ogist." It became very clear the first time I saw my rheumatologist. An older gentleman was asking how I was that day as we were sitting in the waiting room. The nurse called my name just as I was answering. When I got up and headed to the rheu's door, the man said, you can't be that great if you are going through that door.

Don't get me wrong. I am so grateful for ogists, but think about it. Ogists are specialized. Usually because something is not right. Except of course, anesthesiologists. I love them. They take pain away no matter the cause. And because my son in law is going to be one.

So, do words become their meaning, or does the meaning become the word? Hum...SO deep I know.

The same is true with people. You hear a name and there is a definition. Take Gordon B Hinckley. Master communicator, gentle giant. love for all mankind. Hitler. (What, right after Gordon B Hinckley) Evil, dark, wicked. Sick. (I've been reading WWII books and am loving them) George Bush....different for many. Here's a hot one...Sarah Palin. (I need to throw her in) Oprah and Ellen. Good souls. Sami, on Days. Whatever. Abe Lincoln. One of my hero's. etc etc. You get the idea. My friend Connie. Angel. Salt of the earth. unassuming. Loving. Service. And of course, runner.

So what is Shar Nelson going to be a definition for? Right now, probably sick. I don't want to be known as sick. But it's ok. I do the same thing. Hopefully music. I love music. Nature. Nature is spiritual to me. Of course family and friends and all those warm and fuzzy things. Really. Testimony of the Savior and His atonement. Even prankster. I love playing pranks and was pretty darn great at them. Man I came up with some good ones, or was involved with them. But I was usually too chicken to carry them out so I had my fall guys do that!

Heavy thought for the day. Making our names synonymous with what we hope they will mean. That is my goal.


  1. Shar, you will always be Jess's mom to me. :) Your name is synonymous with friendly, loving, welcoming and FUN!

  2. Shar, When I think of you I think of a beautiful musician and maker of delectible peacan logs, lots of Fun and always full of laughter!

    I love you! I think about you and pray for you and your family daily!

    Michelle (Horan) Knight

  3. Oh my goodness, Jennie Jo just informed me about you!!!!! On FACEBOOK of all places! My prayers are with you! I just suscribed (or rather my cute daughter in law did) and up pops a message from JJ. I love you dear friend! Take care of yourself.
    Teri Lyn

  4. My friend, when I read your name I thought the words "wonderful" and "loved". We haven't had tonz of interaction in the years we've been neighbors and sisters, but you carry joy and a positive spirit about you that has not gone unnoticed by me and you are so obviously loved by so many.

    Bless you sweet friend
    Jamie Crandal