Tuesday, March 8, 2011


...I just hate being sick. The worst part for me is having NO energy! When I clean I can work for a good 15-20 minutes, then have to take a breather, literally. I have my oxy turned up as high as it can go while working and still get tuckered out. I get worn out just by being vertical. I have to do that a lot every day. Sometimes I get dizzy and exhausted even when I sit. Like today.

...I hate the pressures put on women in the perfect looking category. I drove to Logan last week to see Nils. I couldn't believe how many billboards there were on surgical procedures to get that perfect Barbie body! Not only the perfect body, but the completely flawless face that goes along with that body. Add this, take away that. Suck this, tuck that. Inject, reject....the list goes on and on. Basically, whatever you do, DON'T be happy with just the way you are!

...I feel so sad with all the heartache in the world, especially loved ones. I've recently reconnected with a dear friend of mine. She is so worried about her daughter and asked for some advice in the addiction field. I have experience you know.

...I wish I could do my life over. I'd do a better job.

...I hate that I love sugar so much. I'm even crazy enough to wish that I were as sick as I was last year. I could hardly eat. And I never ate sugary things. They made me sick. Oh yeah...I was already sick.

...I really miss my sister.

...I get so mad that I don't show more self discipline. I've had boat loads of it much of my life.

I guess I'm just like everyone else. Don't we all get sad sometimes?


  1. Sometimes I wish I lived 10 minutes from you again. Look at the bright side: we'll be there 2 weeks from today!! Love you Mom!

  2. HUGS HUGS HUGS!!!!! I love you dear Shar! What would I do without my adopted mom and grandma!!

  3. I miss Linda and Sue. Wish I saw you more often.