Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day

Mothers Day.  Typically not a day that I have loved since becoming a mom.  Going to church should be something mom's should not have to do on Mothers Day.  It can be torture!  "My mom makes us breakfast every morning after running 5 miles and getting us all out of bed to read scriptures for 30 minutes." The list can go on and on of all the things I don't do, or things I do do that I should not be doing, like, well, lots of things.  Don't get me wrong, as I always thought it was a nice way to say thank you to my own mom while growing up.  I have especially loved the holiday when I realized there was something I could do that would be a meaningful way to express my love to my great mom.  I never knew what to buy my mom, as it seemed she had about anything she needed, (but then, don't we all?) and what she didn't have, she could buy.  So what mom's really want is SHOWING them that we love them.  Service and time.  That's what mom's want, that's what mom's love.  So, I started buying and planting flowers for my mom.  It has become a tradition that I love!  I love being outside working in the dirt and I love spending time with my beautiful mother!  

At this middle age stage of my life, my children are mostly grown and on their own.  I celebrate their victories and I suffer with them in their times of trouble.  My heart aches for them in a very tangible way.  My whole soul celebrates with them as they overcome challenges, or at least see a way to deal with them.  

I did lots of things wrong, but I hope I did more things right.  What I know I did do was love them as much as many mom could love her children.  And that is what makes a great Mothers Day, having even greater children.  I love you kids....and thanks for making my job an easy one!

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